CrossFit | OFC is nothing like a typical gym. We follow the CrossFit method and philosophy of cultivating elite fitness in individuals and athletes. This is done by doing workouts that are constantly varied, functional and executed at high intensity.  These work outs are designed for everyone no matter where you are starting from.

We are located at 1906 17th Ave E Oskaloosa, IA in a warehouse gym ("box") that is 100% CrossFit

The OFC approach to fitness provides undeniable results in children to competitive athletes and everything in between. We combine the most effective training methods of Endurance (running, rowing, jumping rope, etc.), Weightlifting (squats, dead lifts, clean, jerks, & snatches, etc.) and Gymnastics (pull-ups, handstands, rings, etc.). The approach to fitness is unraveled in terms of diversity to exercise, programming an drills. Every time you come to the box you will receive coaching much like private training but within a group. Each workout will be designed by a CrossFit trainer, the mechanics of the movements will be explained before the workout begins, and the coach(es) will also make sure that you are doing everything safely during the workout. This eliminates the guess-work for you. 

Our training is intense and creates a bond among our members that is undeniable and can't be duplicated in a traditional gym setting or on your own. The community aspect of OFC is our greatest strength

Our workouts are made for every athlete.  Whether you've been an athlete all your life or this is your first time to ever pick up a weight, we have a WOD for you.